My Life as a Cartoon

Caricitures of insanity

4 April 1973
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"ljmaps_velvetsiren", 70's punk, 80's new wave, accounting, architechture, art, art history, bath, berries, bookmaking, brighton, caravaggio, caryatids, cathederals, cheese, chiaroscuro, clubs, comic books, conundrums, crocheting, crosswords, dancing, dark wave, david sedaris, dictionaries, die brucke, drawing, drinking, durer, edinburg, egypt, electronica, etimology, fairytales, feminisim, femmes, fetishes, florence, folklore, gentileschi, glastonbury, gnarled trees, goddesses, gregory maguire, hiroshige, history, industrial, intense conversation, ivy, kittycats, knitting, kollowitz, legends, lipstick, logic puzzles, london, louvre, math, medieval studies, monty python, motown, mucha, munch, musing, mythology, neil gaimen, nice, numbers, opera, over analyzing, oxymorons, painting, pre-raphaelites, printmaking, reading, research, rethinking, rituals, rodin, sandman, sculpture, sewing, shadows, shoegazers, spider webs, spirituality, stories, swing, swingsets, tate gallery, textures, thinking, trip hop, uffizi, ukiyo-e, venice, vodka, words, worrying
Spawned in hell, I moved to CA at 16. I've lived in the Bay Area since then except for little stints in London and Florence. I attended sfsu for my BA in printmaking and art history. Yada...